Calendar pages - Isn't it about time?


Calendar pages - Isn't it about time ?About Time

D.H. Weinberg

Isn’t it about time:

  • To let go of past hurts, and forgive
  • To do the things you were born to do
  • To let somebody love you
  • To love somebody who’s not perfect
  • To admit you’re really not good at some things
  • To seek help for what you can’t overcome on your own
  • To give to others who have less
  • To tell the people you love — “I Love YOU”
  • To start taking care of your health
  • To do something you’ve been afraid of
  • To make peace with God
  • To stop procrastinating
  • To let a few people know who you really are
  • To ask somebody for help – because you’re stuck
  • To go out on a limb with somebody
  • To stop fighting/arguing over petty annoyances
  • To live life as if there’s no tomorrow
  • To give yourself to the God who loves You passionately

Isn’t it about time?

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