Meet David

Have you ever had a tugging on your heart or mind? Felt like you should be doing something that made no sense, you couldn’t explain–but you also couldn’t shake?

Near the end of my sales and marketing career, I had such a moment. I had started three different books over the previous ten years, but had left them all by the roadside. Now, I had a feeling that if I didn’t try to finish them, that I’d regret it later. And I didn’t want that.

So, I left work, and much to my SHOCK, I finished a rough manuscript of all three books in just four months! I still can’t believe it. It felt more like a creative “download” from God than anything I could have thought up on my own. The words just came flowing out. Which is why I’m telling you of my experience.


Some itch that won’t go away. Something you NEED to do. Explore it! It just might be a calling. It’s true: “You never know until you try.” I’m sure glad I did.

As to the books I’m current writing, I’m working on books in three different genres:

Devotional – Jesus taught in parables and short stories–because stories are loved, remembered, and tell timeless truths in new ways. So, I thought, “Why doesn’t somebody create a biblically-based set of short stories that teach lessons for today’s living and challenges?” Jesus, Teach Me contains fifty-two original short stories–each with meaningful takeaways, Scriptures, and reflection questions. It’s an exciting new approach to a devotional.

Medical Suspense Thriller – A small, ethical businessman (Tim) battles a large, unscrupulous company in a race to launch a novel medical cure. It’s a winner-take-all battle. The company first-to-market will reap billions. How far is each side willing to go to win the big prize? The large company will do anything to win. And Tim–with a newfound faith? How can he hope to win?

Historical Fiction for Kids – A book of short stories that couple major historical events that happened at night (e.g., The Sinking of the Titanic, Washington Crossing the Delaware, The Trojan Horse, Ninja’s, etc.) with a fictional hero or heroine. (Think: the movie Titanic with the story of Jack and Rose). An exciting and instructive book for kids (ages 9-13) about what makes somebody heroic and a hero. Called By the Light of the Silvery Moon.

I live in Southern California. I love to travel. I’m also a foodie, avid reader (of many genres), enthusiastic hiker, classic movie watcher (e.g., Casablanca), unusual hat collector, national park visitor (46 parks so far), and dedicated church member. I’m married to a wonderful Canadian woman (30+ years), and have two great kids.

P.S. That’s Kona, our 7-year-old Golden Retriever in the picture with me.