What are some books that engage you? DH Weinberg, thriller author.

What are some books that engage you?

It’s amazing to me how a good book can sometimes rock your world!  Books that engage you give you new insights, change your perspective, give you a personal experience with something that you might never encounter in real life.  Maybe even cause you to rethink your values.

What are some books that engage you? DH Weinberg, thriller author.

Books That Engage You

We have all read a couple of those books before.  Maybe we don’t remember them now, but these are books that perhaps left an impression on you – something you then or now still remember affected you deeply.  The thing is – whatever touches you, may not even leave a mark on somebody else.  We’re all gloriously different.  And sometimes it’s just the right time, place, and mood that makes a book “hit you”.

I just read such a book.  It’s called American Dirt, by Jeanine Cummins.  It’s the story of the great migration happening today – thousands, more like millions of migrants from Mexico and Central America, making their way to El Norte (the U.S.).  Whether you’re for or against illegal immigration, it’s a fascinating and very personal story of several migrants running away from violence – and what getting into the U.S. entails.  You only need to look at the testimonials on the back of the book from Stephen King, John Grisham, and Kristin Hannah (to name a few) — to know what a good storyteller Cummins is.

My Goal as a Writer

I guess that’s my goal as a writer too.  To tell you something fascinating you don’t already know – and really draw you in.  Having worked as a Marketing and Sales Executive in several industries, the first story of the Man on Fire trilogy, entitled No Good Deed, deals with how the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical (vitamins & dietary supplements) industries operate.  And since you probably buy prescription drugs and vitamins – you might want to know what you’re buying! (release date for the book is not yet set – but my newsletter will contain updates).

Question – What are some books that engage you? What book has left a real impression on YOU?  Just sticks around in your memory?  I’d love to share this with other readers.  Thanks!

Happy Reading, my fellow bibliophiles!

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