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 How many of you have ever thought about writing a book? 

Me too. And here’s my first one–it’s called Jesus, Teach Me. It’s funny and interesting how it came about. 

I was stuck writing a suspense thriller, so I decided to try and write a short story. Surprisingly, one just popped out. So, I wrote another one. And another. And pretty soon, I had quite a few. They were pretty good! But what to do with them? 

It dawned on me that Jesus was also a pretty good short-storyteller.

In fact, he often taught via short stories and parables to illustrate truths and godly morals. Who doesn’t remember the stories of the Prodigal Son or the Good Samaritan? 

Each of my stories also seemed to contain a teachable principle. So, I asked myself, “Why doesn’t somebody create a biblically-based devotional of short stories that reflect the challenges of our modern life?” And that’s how Jesus, Teach Me came to be. 

Each short story deals with some aspect of life we all face–ending with a Thought, some Scriptures, and Reflection Questions. Let me give you one of the shorter stories (below). All fifty-two stories are available in Jesus, Teach Me on Amazon. Enjoy! 

The Whispering Trees 
By D.H. Weinberg 

The maple nudged the elm tree with its branches. “Did you hear that?” 

The elm stopped swaying. “Hear what?” 

“I hear music. Don’t you?” 

The elm strained to pick up any sound. 

“Not really. Are you sure you heard something?” the elm asked. 

“Yes. It was faint, but I know I heard music. It sounded like a woman singing a song.” 

“How would you know that?” pushed back the elm. “Are you now an expert on sounds and voices?” 

“Of course not,” replied the maple. “But maybe fifty years ago, a young girl came into our forest and sang and sang and sang. You weren’t here yet. But oh, how I loved her voice! I wonder what happened to her.” 

“She grew up and moved away, of course,” replied the elm. “They all do.” 

“She had the most beautiful voice I’d ever heard,” recalled the maple. “Not a full, mature voice, of course. She was only a child. But it had a lilt and a purity I still remember. Her singing stirred my soul. Funny, I don’t remember what she looked like as much as how she sang. 

“Now, don’t get sentimental on me,” replied the elm. “I’m sure she had a lovely voice…What’s that? I just heard something.” 

The maple and elm stood silent. 

“Listen,” said the maple, pointing its branches in the direction of the sound. 

The music grew louder and louder. They heard beautiful singing! It had a familiar lilt and a purity the maple recognized. “Could it be HER coming back?” 

In a minute, a middle-aged woman appeared next to both trees. She suddenly stopped singing and wrapped her arms around the maple. 

“Oh, wonderful tree,” she exclaimed. “You’re still here! How much joy you once gave me.” 

Up in the canopy, high above the woman, the maple pointed its branches downward. “This is the girl!” the maple signaled the elm. 

The woman twirled and performed a medley of old hymns. Both trees were spellbound. Her voice seemed magical. Captivating. Glorious! 

Soon after, the woman bid the maple goodbye and walked away. 

“What did she mean when she said you gave her so much joy as a child?” the elm asked the maple. 

“I’m not sure,” the maple replied. “I’m just a tree. I don’t sing, dance, or do anything but stand, be myself, and display God’s glory.” 

“Maybe that’s enough,” the elm replied. 


Thought: God loves us just the way we are. We are “enough” by just being ourselves. 

Scripture: I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful. I know that full well. Psalm 139:14 

Reflection: Where do you need to align yourself with God’s view of you, and just be who God made you to be?

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