What Are Some Of Your Favorite Stories Of Heroes?

What Are Some Of Your Favorite Stories About Heroes?

Oh, how I love stories about “heroes”!

They’re SO inspiring. Whether it’s somebody who knows their stance is going to cost them – and they do it anyway (e.g. like Christian and other martyrs around the world). Or somebody who takes a bold but widely unpopular view — believing that what they’re espousing is right and righteous – at work, in school, with friends and family, or in their community. Or somebody who says “this is wrong” – when the easy and riskless way is to just be quiet.

So often we equate heroism with somebody running into a burning building, or rescuing somebody. But you don’t have to be a fireman, policeman, soldier, or superhero to be heroic. We are and can be heroes by the choices we make. Especially when the cost or danger is significant.

What Are Some Of Your Favorite Stories Of Heroes?

That’s why I’ve written a historical fiction book called “By the Light of the Silvery Moon.”

It’s a compilation of actual, historical events that happened at night, under the light of the moon – with some fictional stories attached. Think of the movie Titanic – the event was real, but the story of Jack and Rose was fiction.

This book was written for young adults – people who especially need heroes growing up (more than pro athletes, pop stars, and celebrities). It is designed to provide a great discussion guide – for school and home school students. “What would you have done in that situation? Was he/she a hero, and if so, why? What values are important in this story?”

It’s a book that young adults (10-14 years old) should really enjoy! Look for a publication date in the near future.

Good reading!

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