Car driving down the road at sunset. DH Weinberg shares how he got into writing...or how writing got into him.
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How I Got Into Writing…Or How Writing Got Into Me

As a new writer, I am still trying to find my “voice”.

Who am I writing for?  What do I want to say?  How do I want to say it?  It’s kind of a fun exploration – the same one that every famous author you’ve read has also been on – when they first started out.  There are so many ways you can write a basic plot, so many things you can emphasize or de-emphasize, include or not include.  And it takes a while to figure out what seems most authentic – what seems to be the real “you” when you write.

But seriously, I would have NO IDEA where a composition was going, or how it would end. All I had was the opening line. DH Weinberg, How I Got Into WritingI mention this because of the way I got into writing.  Or how it got into me.

Several years ago, as my business career was winding down, I suddenly and “out of nowhere” started getting opening lines to a composition as I was driving to work – e.g. opening lines to most of the devotionals in my 365 day Devotional entitled “Getting Through” (in process).  Once an opening line popped into my head, I learned that if I got off the freeway at the next ramp, and sat in a parking lot for 25 minutes, that line by line, after 25-30 minutes I’d have created a complete composition, poem, or essay.  I know – cue the Twilight Zone music!

But seriously, I would have NO IDEA where a composition was going, or how it would end.  All I had was the opening line.  So, I just sat and wrote what came to me.  And I was AMAZED by what flowed out of my pen!  It was like I was getting a download from God – or maybe more tactilely, it was like what any good songwriter, painter, sculptor, or creative must feel – when something just “comes to them” spontaneously.  I had never experienced that before in my life!

And that set off something in me that said – “maybe this is something I should further explore?”

And when I took a sabbatical, that let to the discovery that I had far more in me than I ever realized.  And maybe you do too?   And maybe with practice, you’ll find your “voice” too!  Whether in music, art, writing, or whatever.

So, check out my NEW Devotional, Jesus Teach Me! It’s how Jesus taught – through parables and short stories. I’ll send you a free story if you sign up for my newsletter. And there are some really good stories in there!  Happy Reading.

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