Joined hands. If you only knew how much God loves you.

If You Only Knew (How Much God Loves You)


(How Much God Loves You)

D.H. Weinberg

Ah, Beloved

If you only knew – how MUCH I love YOU!

If you only knew

It would change and transform you

It would turn your self-image upside down

For love does that

It feeds the soul and spirit like nothing else

And brings life back — to the dead and dying

It makes flowers bloom in the desert

Ah, Beloved

I don’t love you just a little

I love you passionately, extravagantly

WAY beyond what you can imagine

You are my Pride and Joy – YES,


And don’t try to comprehend it, child

It’s a Father’s love

Logic and reasoning can’t find it

So just accept it. Choose to be loved.

Know that I love you deeply, passionately

Ah, Beloved

More about how much God loves you: read Psalm 94:18-19.


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