My Devotional: Jesus, Teach Me

Maybe I’m unusual, but I find that sometimes I am overwhelmed by the amount of spiritual content out there. Like a devotional.

YouTube is full of great sermons. You can get devotionals and spiritual writings emailed to you every day. And there are tons of Christian books out there (even on Amazon) — on just about every conceivable subject. And yet….

True maturity and spiritual growth often come not from reading a mini-sermon on some subject, but from “self-discovery” and God’s Spirit doing something in our hearts and heads. Maybe it’s a little more right-brain (creative side) that’s happening than left-brain (reasoning and analytical) when this happens?

My Devotional: How To Get Through Life- With God's HelpTo use an analogy,

I’ve heard that a good counselor (marriage, career, psychological, etc.) does not tell their patient what to think or do — but asks them questions so THEY COME TO THEIR OWN insights and enlightenment! Because it’s far more powerful when we come to our “Ah-Ha’s!” – then when somebody else tries to tell us what to do, think, or feel.

All this is to explain how I came to write the devotional, Jesus, Teach Me. 

Jesus taught in parables and short stories because they are remembered, loved, and tell timeless truths in new ways. Who doesn’t remember the story of The Prodigal Son or The Good Samaritan? And yet our world is far different and more complex than in Jesus’ day.

So, why not a biblically-based devotional of short stories than deals with today’s challenges?

Jesus, Teach Me contains fifty-two, original short stories on faith, morality, and spiritual maturity. It’s written in a fresh, entertaining, and provocative way. Who doesn’t love a good story? It contains Scriptures and questions to reflect on—leading to hopefully new insights, perspectives, and a few “Ah-Ha” moments as the Holy Spirit speaks!

Now available on Amazon.

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