Green car driving down on the road again.

Are You Ready to get Back “On the Road Again?”

Oh, to get on an airplane again!

To go SOMEWHERE! Ayyy – I really miss travel!  I’m so ready to get back on the road again. That’s because in my former life, I was head of Key Account Sales for the company that makes that GOOD Mandarin Orange Chicken at Costco!  Which meant flying to one of the 8 regional Costco offices (or to Bentonville, Arkansas or Boston, Massachusetts) that decide what that retailer is going to carry in a region, or nationwide.  So, I was frequently on a plane – and LOVING it!

Question – If you could go anywhere right now, where would you go?  I’d love to see some of your favorite places, and I will post the results.

Road with signs to different cities. If you could go anywhere right now, where would you go?My Stories

I guess that’s why my stories, like the novel I’m hoping to release soon entitled No Good Deed – take place in many locations around the world.  As a traveler and adventurer, I just think setting stories in exotic, far-away places lends a certain mystique to the plot.  In No Good Deed, people die in India, somebody significant dies in Thailand, other action takes place in Germany, and a lot happens in various U.S. cities.

With Covid19, and the inability to travel, I had to look back at my pictures, journals, and travel guides – just to remember what the place looked like, felt like, smelled like, and tasted like.  I’ve noticed (I’m sure you have too) that good authors are really able to convey a sense of place in the detailed descriptions of where the action takes place.  It lends credibility to a place when you can describe the buildings, the streets, the people, the weather, etc. of a place.  And it triggers the reader’s imagination – when you give them enough information about what a place is like.

It’s a Global World

Finally, I set my scenes in different places, because it’s a global world.  People are constantly traveling all over the world – exploring places, sights, foods, and who knows what else to whet their appetites for fascinating experiences.  And IF, just IF, Steven Spielberg ever decides to make a movie about one of my books…..well, I guess I’d HAVE TO be on set in whatever locale they’re shooting.  LOL!  One can only dream. (Now THAT would be an excuse to get back on the road again!)

Happy Travels fellow travelers!

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