What Faith And My Books Have To Do With Each Other

What My Faith And Books Have To Do With Each Other

 I think if you’ve looked at my website for any amount of time, you’ll have figured out that I am a Christian by faith.  Somebody with a German and Jewish last name, but a man of faith and somebody who follows Jesus (or at least tries to). 

Not that I don’t respect your faith, or spirituality. 

We are all on different paths and journeys.  And the wonderful thing about many religions is their commonality – their dedication to loving God and loving others.  So, if you’re that kind of person (or aspire to be) – I think you’ll like what I’ve written, and am writing.  I come from that background.

     I hope too, that I give you a good story or some good inspirational messages.  Ones that engage you.  Know too that my books will not contain any overt sex, violence, bad language, or immoral behavior – like those of other writers.  Both adults and kids can read them, without hesitation.

     Whether Devotionals, Suspense Thrillers, or Historical Fiction — these works also contain messages about Love, Forgiveness, Grace, Courage, Kindness, Self-Sacrifice, and so much more.  Not that I’ve mastered any of these things personally (I KNOW A LOT more than I’m good at).  And that’s what make life interesting.  We’re all learning, all trying to be better people, and all on a somewhat similar but different journey.

     I’m also following the adage, that writers should “write what they know”. 

And because I come out of the business world, I have a lot of fascinating stories and insights from my career in pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, food manufacturing, and travel.  All are businesses with huge challenges!   That’s what my protagonist, Tim Miller, is faced with — in the first book of a trilogy tentatively entitled No Good Deed (no release date yet).  If you think your life is tough, wait ‘til you see what Tim faces in his last years as President of SIMI Nutraceuticals!  I won’t say the story is factual (it’s fiction), BUT… it’s loosely based on something that did happen.  You’ll just have to read the book if you want more juicy details!

  Well, that’s a bit about me.  Good Reading, my fellow bibliophiles!


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