Writing & Speaking

What I write

I’m working on books in three different genres:

Devotional – Jesus taught in parables and short stories–because stories are loved, remembered, and tell timeless truths in new ways. So, I thought, “Why doesn’t somebody create a biblically-based set of short stories that teach lessons about life today and its challenges?” Jesus, Teach Me contains fifty-two original short stories–each with meaningful takeaways, Scriptures, and reflection questions. It’s an exciting new approach to a devotional.

Medical Suspense Thriller – A small, ethical businessman (Tim) battles a large, unscrupulous company in a race to launch a novel medical cure. It’s a winner-take-all battle. The company first-to-market will reap billions. How far is each side willing to go to win the big prize? The large company will do anything to win. And Tim–with a newfound faith? How can he hope to win?

Historical Fiction for Kids – A book of short stories that couple major historical events that happened at night (e.g., The Sinking of the Titanic, Washington Crossing the Delaware, The Trojan Horse, Ninja’s, etc.) with a fictional hero or heroine. (Think: the movie Titanic with the story of Jack and Rose). An exciting and instructive book for kids (ages 9-13) about what makes somebody heroic and a hero. Called By the Light of the Silvery Moon.

Speaking Topics I’m Passionate About

  • Writing Your Life Story – Lies, Wounds, Defeats, & Triumphs
  • Are You Living Your Calling?
  • The Elements of a Great Story, and a Great Life
  • I Didn’t Know I Could Do THAT
  • What We Can Expect and Not Expect from God (God’s Promises)
  • Do You Know Who You Are? The Enneagram
  • WHAT IF THAT had or hadn’t happened? Learning from history.
  • Ten Things I Did Wrong Raising My Kids
  • I’d Like a “Mulligan” Please (things I’d do differently now)